Wizardawn is NOT going down

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The & Publishing Group has deeded the site back to the original author, who will be maintaining the site going forward.

Wizardawn will be rehosted, and when the new site is up, we’ll post the location.


The Wizardawn site (https://wizardawn.and-mag.com) is going down on 31 March 2020.

This is not our choice.

Wizardawn is written in PHP v5.6, which is now an old, unsupported version. Our ISP is forcing an upgrade to PHP v7.2 for valid reasons.

Unfortunately (as you may have guessed), the Wizardawn site does not work on PHP 7.2. Equally unfortunate, the & Publishing Group does not have knowledgeable staff to perform the upgrade.

Any PHP programmers interested in volunteering for this project, please email the & Publishing Group webmaster:

webmaster -a-t- and-mag.com

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