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Since issue #1 of & Magazine, the & Publishing Group has published dozens of monsters, hundreds of spells, and many hundreds of magic items. As I look through our 13 published issues (plus several modules and several supplements) I’m actually astounded by the sheer volume of material we have published. It is staggering.

We get very little feedback. Very little. Far less than 1% of the readers (based upon download counts) give us feedback. Yeah, we sometimes get “you’re doing a great job!” … but that doesn’t tell us anything specific. It’s better to hear what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t work.

Last night I gave Andrew Hamilton some feedback. I created a short adventure for my current party (6 characters, levels 10 through 13) using the Bone Guardians that we published in Issue 2 in August 2012.

I beat the crap out of the party. Download Issue 2 and read the monster’s description before you read more!

The double strength variant proved to be the best foil for a name level party. The first group of bone guardians went down fairly quickly. YAWN! The second iteration was harder, and when the third started stritchinnngggg back together??? It was creepy!

The apex bone guardian was an ugly fight. It made the players appreciate their characters’ prowess!

If you’ve used & Magazine materials in your campaign, drop us a line! We’d love to hear about how you are using  our publication to expand your campaign!  Send to

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