Truly great feedback!

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I asked readers for feedback earlier this month. We get very little feedback of any substance and its great for the &PG team, our authors, and our artists to hear about how the materials we publish are used by our readers.

We received the following email (published with the author’s permission):


Hello there,

You have asked for feedback on your mag and stuff that have been used. Well My Play by post group has finished up “The Rat Lair by Andrew Hamilton, in issue #1. We used the OSRIC rule set and since OSRIC is based on 1st Ed I translated the jermlaine straight over. The encounter did not last very long, not because of the adventure lacking, but because the PCs made quick work of the rats and the jermlaine. I threw in the cat more to unnerve the PCs than for help.

I have only read issue one cover to cover even though I have downloaded every issue, I have a hard time sitting and reading the whole magazine on the computer in one go. So I try to read an article here and an article there. There are things which I have read that I will use, The Bank of Ponce from issue two comes to mind.

Anyways, I really do appreciate you guys put the magazine out. While I have your attention, Thank you very much for put out the Castle Triskelion PDFs as well. My of PCs will be going through this starting in their next adventure. I have been reading the new room on Mr. Stypinski’s blog and I can not wait till I can get ti all printed out and in my grimy hands. Thank you again for both & magazine and for the Castle Triskelion mega dungeon. I know you guys are busy with real life, but I always look for to downloading your magazine. I am waiting to print them all off, so I can have physical copies of each one. Well here is looking forward to at least 100 more issues.



Knowing that people are enjoying our publications and making real use of the materials gives the editorial team, authors, and artists incentive to keep doing what we are doing! Thanks!

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2 Responses to Truly great feedback!

  1. AceOfLances January 28, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

    I was very recently pointed to & by Needles blog post at Swords and Stitchery; and Wow! I can’t believe I hadn’t know about it before. I hungrily devoured issue #13 and #12 over yesterday and last night. I started gaming with a rules Cyclopaedia’ back in early 90s, met my best bro a few years later. We still use a bastard version of ad&d when he GM s. I run LegendQuest from Board Enterprises, so everything fits with a simple percentage ratio to d100.
    I love the feel of the articles, the fact that everything isn’t ‘weird-‘ like every other zine nowadays.

  2. Ward March 30, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    I would like to add that this is my top site and top mag for OSR. Keep up the good fight.