Theme Change!

Funny … we just published Issue 12, has previews of the next two issues on the back cover.

Except we decided to delay Not Demons Nor Devils.


Material. A couple of the team had a conversation about breeding of creatures to produce special abilities, e..g, dwarves breed dogs that are compact, good tunnel fighers, infravision, etc. In the discussion we realized we already had several articles written on the subject (several members of the editorial team are prolific!), and in a wider discussion we had buy-in for several more articles.

With all that in-hand (or close to it) we decided to bump Not Demons Nor Devils and publish this one first:

Companion Animals

Do YOU have ideas on this? We are looking for article relating to companion or service animals. Specialized breeding. Variations on existing monsters. Different ideas on how to use specialized animals. Short adventures featuring companion animals.

If so, send ’em in!

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