The Future of Wizardawn

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A few years back the & Publishing Group was given custody of the Wizardawn site. The original author had stopped maintaining it and taken the site down. He was kind enough to give the site to the &PG and even installed it on the new URL we created for it. Since then we have hosted the site, although no updates are being made.

Wizardawn will continue to be hosted as long as this site is, as the two are connected. We do not anticipate making any updates, but the current functionality will remain.

At such time as this site is taken down (which is likely to be years), we will seek hosting for Wizardawn. It’s a PHP/MySQL application and can easily be hosted on any ISP that provides LAMP.  [English translation: “Wizardawn is written in a common technology and can easily be hosted elsewhere”.]

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One Response to The Future of Wizardawn

  1. Shannon Ferguson September 22, 2018 at 10:59 am #

    I am sorry to see the end of & Magazine. I really enjoyed. Thank you for continuing to host Wizardawn. It is a wonderful resource for GMs.