Templates are now online!

Progress on the new site continues!

The Submissions page has been updated to include 4 templates. These are Microsoft Word templates (DOTX) — opening the file creates a new document based upon the template. If you are a repeat submitter, save the templates to your PC and simply double-click one when you need a new file.

The templates include individual ones for Monsters, Spells, and Shops. There is also one for “Articles”, which is a garbage collection of all types of stat blocks.  Delete anything you do not need, there is no need to fill in everything, excepting for monsters and spells, which need all parts filled in.

We will be adding more templates in the near future, including OpenOffice/LibreOffice versions.  Other formats may be added if there is sufficient reader interest.

Stat blocks are AD&D format.  While our core focus is AD&D, we will publish quality articles for LBB, Holmes, Moldvay/Cook, BECMI, and AD&D 2nd Edition. [Also for retro-clones that simulate these games.] If we get sufficient interest we will update our templates to include stat blocks for those games as well.

Sorry, 3.x, 4.x, D&D Next, Pathfinder, and their retro-clones are sufficiently different that we do not accept materials for those games. However … we will accept articles regarding conversions from those games to AD&D. Please email submissions@and-mag.com for more information.

One Response to Templates are now online!

  1. Daniel Winberg March 10, 2014 at 4:55 pm #

    LOVED your Roll for Initiative podcast (the first one). Your work is amazing and does for OSR Gaming what Dragon Magazine did so many years ago for AD&D. You have incredible work that, although is currently free, is truly hard to put a price on. Thank you for your contribution to the OSR Gaming world. The only real problem I see, is not enough people have been exposed to your work, and more gamers need to “discover” this greatest of treasures…if only to say like so many old gamers did with TSR in its heyday….”I was there from the beginning!!”