Publication Schedule

& Magazine

& Magazine publishes 4 times annually, in the first half of February, May, August, and November. Exact publication dates are approximate but fall within the indicated period. Following are the pertinent dates for each issue — note that we publish the same times each year, so this schedule is in effect until changed.

Issue Publication Layout Late Copy Preferred Copy
Spring Feb-01 Jan-01 Dec-01 Nov-01
Summer May-01 Apr-01 Mar-01 Feb-01
Fall Aug-01 Jul-01 Jul-01 May-01
Winter Nov-01 Oct-01 Sep-01 Aug-01

Publication is when an issue is published. Although the table indicates the first of the month, we target the first half of the month.

Layout is when all material goes into layout and proofing. No new material is accepted after this point.

Late Copy is the absolutely last deadline for materials for an issue. Please note that materials submitted after the Preferred Deadline may not make it into an issue, although we try.

Preferred Copy is when we prefer articles arrive so that we can easily integrate them into the magazine production process. Yes, this is 3 months before the publication deadline.

Other & Publications

The & Publishing Group produces other D&D related materials. These are not on a fixed schedule — they depend upon the material and the free time of the 100% volunteer world-wide team that is primarily focused on publishing & Magazine according to the above schedule.