We welcome your art, letters, creatures, spells, items, and adventure seeds. Send them to:

We reserve the right to copy edit submissions for length, grammar, or content.

Important Note 1: The & Publishing Group is a zero profit group. No one makes a dime from this endeavor. We are not a paying market. We do not sell our PDFs nor do we pay for submissions — this is free support for the D&D Community.

If, in the future, we sell printed copies of our material, the markup on items will be token and any funds received will be used to support the site and for promotional materials.

Important Note 2: We publish only first run material. If your article has been published in other places (printed, PDF, or online magazines) we will not publish it. Why not? The article is already published so it’s not a good use of our magazine space.

Please note that a post in a forum is acceptable, due to the typically low visibility, e.g., only the members of that forum will have seen it. If you have questions, email us!

Important Note 3: Please DO NOT format your article in any multiple column format. All articles will be reformatted to the & Magazine standard. Anything special you do will need to be undone. Save everyone (including you) time and submit in a single column format.  Thanks!

What is in these Menus

Guidelines and Templates. We provide templates, but basic instructions for authors and artists.

Publication Schedule. Here you will find the publication schedule, including deadlines for materials.

Upcoming Magazine Themes. We plan out our themes way in advance. Check here to see what we are thinking about.