Shrine of Hecate

I am pleased to report that M W Poort, known better to & Magazine readers as Fingolwyn, has recently published an AD&D/OSRIC module, The Shrine of Hecate, through Dragonsfoot.

This is an expanded version of the Shrine of Hecate that was published in & Magazine Issue 5.

The thing I like most about this adventure is that it is potentially open-ended. If the party manages to complete the adventure in one session — it’s done. If they don’t? (which is likely) The potential is for an open-ended adventure that could last numerous sessions, and/or be a reoccurring foe.

As a DM, I love this!

Ok, stepping up on the soapbox …

In a long-running campaign things often tend to be linear. One adventure starts, it ends, start another. But when an enemy slips into the darkness and later re-surfaces in a surprise?

The players never know when that enemy will re-surface, except that it will be at an unfortunate time. Well, unfortunate for the party! This keeps things from getting boring — the players never know what the future will bring. Easy wins do not make memories. Hard fought wins where the result is uncertain — that is the font of gaming memories.


As much as I enjoy the details of this adventure, the potential for a long-term adversary make it more valuable to me as a DM. Download it and try it.

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