Reading List

This page lists authors and books that the & Publishing Group team likes. The authors and titles are currently in no particular order, although this may change in the future.

Butcher, Jim
Dresden Files series

Hearne, Kevin
Iron Druid series

Banks, Ian M
Culture series

Weber, David
Honor Harrington series

Moon, Elizabeth
Vatta’s War series
Paksenarrion series

Drake, David
RCN series
Hammers Slammers series
Lord of the Isles series

Hambly, Barbara
Darwath series
Sun Wolf & Starhawk series
James Asher vampire series
Bride of the Rat God

Lowell, Nathan
Solar Clipper series

Turtledove, Harry
Legion of Videssos series

Hayes, Drew
NPC series

Russell, Jeffery

Zelazny, Roger
Chronicles of Amber

Goodkind, Terry
Wizard’s First Rule

Llywellyn, Morgan
Lion of Ireland
Grania: She-King of the Irish Seas

Lieber, Fritz
Lankhmar series

Moorecock, Michael
Elric Saga

Plunkett, Edward (Lord Dunsany)
many books

Lovecraft, H. P.
many books

Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Tarzan of the Apes
John Carter of Mars

Correia, Larry
Monster Hunter International

Edding, David