Pre-Generated Characters Volume I published!

M. W. Poort (AKA Fingolwyn) has recently published Pre-Generated Characters Volume I, a free supplement available for download from Dragonsfoot. This supplement contains 16 pre-generated characters of levels 2 or 3, suitable for use in an AD&D or OSRIC game. These characters are good for use as pre-gens for a convention or one-off game, and work equally well as NPCs.

Each character is presented on a one-page character sheet of new design. The original character sheets published by TSR were pretty, and more modern character sheets range from pretty to functional. These sheets are absolutely bare-bones functional, nothing pretty about them.

I like it!

When running a session, the DM often doesn’t want (or have) to devote time to digging through a character sheet for pertinent information. This design is barebones and enables the DM to find information quickly and efficiently.

If used as PCs, these character sheets are equally useful to the player. All information necessary to play the character is laid out neatly and succinctly.

The top of each sheet has an illustration (nice touch!), the stats, bonuses for those stats, plus class, race, alignment, AC, hit points, etc. This is laid out in a tabular format that makes it easy to read.

Below that are boxes that segregate weapons (including damage), armor, magic items (if any) languages, equipment, racial/class abilities, saving throws, spells (if applicable), and notes that provide additional details and explanations for abilities. For some characters the notes is long, others less so. Oh, where applicable (armor, weapons, equipment) encumbrance is listed.

All in all, concise and easy to use. A lot of pre-generated characters exist on the internet. This collection stands for its usefulness.

Note that the name says “Volume I”. Volumes II and III are in the works. Each of the succeeding supplements reworks these 16 characters, bumping them to levels 4 – 6 and 7-9, respectively. When done these 16 characters are fully useful in any campaign from first to ninth level (as PCs) and useful in any context as NPCs.

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