Mjölnir, Sweden’s oldest rpg ‘zine

Martin, one of the contributing artists for & Magazine, has notified us that Mjölnir, Sweden’s oldest RPG ‘zine, is now revived. It was an AD&D / Traveller / Runequest zine during its first heyday 1980-1982. The recent issue has strong AD&D leanings but also covers other OSR games.

The contents include:

  • Ad (in English) for upcoming new edition of Runequest
  • Sneak preview of Sweden’s first sword & planet module from D&D-compatible Svärd & Svartkonst
  • Special feature: The story of Wizard, Sweden’s first ever Fantasy/games store, instrumental in bringing AS&D to Sweden
  • “Hobbits in space” – A comprehensive AD&D<---->OSR game compatibilty cross-check chart
  • Gearcore – “magic items” for SF games
  • Yellow Submarine theme:
    • Monsters and creatures from Yellow Submarine adapted for Mutant Future
    • Interview with fantasy illustrator Joyce Hargreaves (who worked as an animator on Yellow Submarine)
  • The Smithy – magic items for AD&D & related games
  • The Wizard’s hat – AD&D/OSR news items
  • Wilderness encounters för Blood & Bronze (in English)
  • Pool of the Standing Stones Revisited – quirky remix of classic White Dwarf AD&D module
  • Board game reviews
  • Orion – Traveller section
  • Ads for Swedish OSR games

Elfgrim is the official publisher of Mjölnir!

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