OSR Fanzine Mjölnir issue 8 is published!

Mjolnir Issue 8 cover

I just downloaded a copy of the English language version of Mjölnir issue 8. This OSR fanzine is freely available from their web site.

Mjölnir covers old school gaming — this issue contains AD&D monsters and a mini-adventure, a preview of a new African setting based game, a generic RPG setting in a spa, a Blood & Bronze adventure, a new career for classic Traveler, an interview with Hans Arnold, and even a small board game! In short, this magazine covers a lot of bases and has things of interest to most old school gamers. [I don’t know anything about Blood & Bronze (yet) but that doesn’t mean I can’t use the material in my AD&D campaign!]

Starting with Issue 7, the magazine is publishing in Swedish and English. The translation to English done by Martin H, who supports & Magazine with his illustrations. [Martin created the cover for the upcoming Book of Miscellaneous Spells II]

Page 21 has a brief shout out to upcoming publications that whets my appetite and piques my curiosity. [Not about upcoming &PG publications — I’ve got insider knowledge on those!]

There’s even an advertisement for & Magazine on page 45.

A bit of history — Mjölnir was started in 1980, and took a long hiatus, publishing Issue 7 in May of this year. They’ve resurged with a bang, producing two solid issues in a row. Note: The original issues 1 to 6 are available in Swedish; there is currently no English translation.

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