Minor update of the Introduction and Outer Ward Ground Level modules

Tim has made a few minor updates to the first two Castle Triskelion publications. Please note that if you already downloaded original versions, you do not need to download these versions.

A few minor typos were fixed in the Introduction, including the hyperlink for Tim’s main blog. This probably doesn’t merit a new release, but since there are more significant fixes to the Outer Ward Ground Level, we figured we would make it a clean sweep.

Download Introduction

As Tim worked on the next few modules, he realized that the Ground Level publication was named incorrectly. Since there will be an Inner Ward Ground Level this one needed to be renamed Outer Ward Ground Level to avoid confusion. So we fixed the cover and inside title, fixed a few typos, and here it is!.

Download Outer Ward Ground Level

Note: The original versions have been deleted from the site. The original post has been updated to download the new files, so if you download both you get 2 copies of the new version.


The Castle Triskelion is copyright 2014 Tim Stypinski.

Cover art is copyright 2014 Robin Irwin, used with permission.


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