& Magazine #13 – Character Races – is published!

& Magazine Issue 13 cover

Character Races!

After a year’s hiatus, we are pleased to announce the publication of & Magazine issue #13!!!

Our dedication to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ (AD&D™) continues!  In this issue we feature: Character Races!

Our featured articles are:

  • Brown Elves – Player Character Race
    a surprising crossbreed
  • Canaer
    a variant grey elf
  • Aquatic Player Character Races
    some ideas for an aquatic campaign
  • Elves of Black Shadow
    inspired by a 90’s game

Plus some bonus articles

  • Ecology of the Monster Hunter
    a new class with dedication
  • Faerie Magic
    the conclusion of the 4 part series
  • Monitor Class
    another class with a different dedication
  • Seeing in the Dark
    just how do they do that?
  • Cranford’s Tale
    featured fiction with a surprise ending

And the usual columns ….

  • Cover Maps
    two parts of a dwarven mine
  • Creature Features
    two new monsters
  • Spell Caster’s Paradise
    Sub-class specific spells and those for desert survival
  • Tactical Magic
    a new sub-class of magic-user
  • Brewmaster
    All about lagers and ales
  • Hex Crawls
    three more detailed hexes to flesh out a campaign
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Who is the & Publishing Group

The & Publishing Group is a dedicated group of globally distributed volunteers whose goal is to promote and keep active old school games, especially Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D). As part of the OSR — regardless if you call it “Old School Renaissance” or “Old School Revival” — the & Publishing Group publishes a variety of supplements useful for all TSR-era D&D games. This includes the flagship & Magazine, plus supplements and adventures.

As a zero revenue organization, all of our products are absolutely free! Our love of Dungeons & Dragons keeps us going!

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