& Magazine #12 – Inns, Taverns, & Way Stations!

We are pleased to announce the publication of & Magazine issue #12!!!

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Featured in this issue: Inns, Taverns, & Way Stations!

This issue includes

  • Ecology of the Lonely Inn
  • Knights of the Hallowed Grave
  • The Tavern of Whyestill Cross
  • A Fighter, Magic-User, & Cleric Walk Into A Bar
  • Featured Fiction: Amalric’s Shrine

Plus some bonus articles

  • Faerie Society
  • Can’t Remember The Name, But The Fangs Look Familiar
  • Leomund’s Long Coats
  • The Need for Speed
  • Amedio Vampire
  • Monsters As Playable Race
  • One Page Dungeon: A Dire Need …

And the usual columns ….

2 Responses to & Magazine #12 – Inns, Taverns, & Way Stations!

  1. Grithoff September 25, 2016 at 9:42 pm #

    Is it possible to get a paper copy of this?

    • Bryan Fazekas September 25, 2016 at 9:53 pm #

      We are not setup to sell hard copy, as we are a zero revenue, multi-national organization. The only way to do hard copy is to print the PDF yourself.