G+ Group: Free OSR RPG Shit

I was recently introduced to a G+ group: Free OSR RPG Shit.

Note: This is a public group, but you must apply for membership. The public can view the group, but anyone who wants to post must be a member.

This group is owned by Matthew Schmeer, who also runs the Rended Press blog. [More on this below]

The group content is exactly what the title indicates — it’s all free OSR materials. The group has a list of simple rules that focus on this being a group for posting FREE old school materials. No previews for paid content, no temporary give-ways, etc. Anything posted must be permanently free. PDFs are preferred although artwork and maps (in graphics formats) are acceptable.

Ok. That fits tightly with the & Publishing Group mantra.

As the name indicates, the content is Old School Revival (or Renaissance, or whatever you call the OSR). It’s eclectic — in reading the first few dozen posts I saw materials for game systems I’ve never heard of. If you are a strict AD&D (or whatever game you like) aficionado, you might find it disappointing. Me? While I DM only AD&D … I’ll play anything and I cheerfully look to other game systems for ideas, so I find the mixture entertaining.

The one drawback to this group is that it is social media. Anything posted will get pushed down by newer posts, so finding things grows increasingly difficult with age. This is a problem inherent in this medium; it’s not a flaw of the group itself. Just something we have to deal with — mostly by checking the group every day or three, and bookmarking anything of interest.

A bit more about Rended Press: Matthew has maintained a blog for a number of years, at least as long as the &PG has been in existence. His materials are too extensive to list, but I’ll point out my favorite resources, the Old School Zines listing. This is a very extensive list of all types of gaming magazines that I peruse periodically in looking for new things to read.

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