Dorks of Yore

I had some free time this morning and was poking through various & Publishing Group accounts (we have pages/sites on Facebook, G+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more). I spotted that Ron had reposted a link to a video of an interview with Tim Kask.

For those who don’t know, Tim Kask was TSR employee #1 and was the editor of the Dragon up to issue #39.

Tim is also my personal model for how we run the & Publishing Group. Among his points was that the Dragon was not house organ for TSR — he published a variety of viewpoints, including things he didn’t personally agree with. So when I see an interview with Tim, I had to watch it.

This introduced me to the Dorks of Yore. I’m still digging through the videos and material on Facebook.

Their YouTube channel has a section on TableTop RPGs, which includes a short history of GaryCon, the 10 part Tim Kask series, and (currently) the first two videos of a RPG Science series.

For those on Facebook, here’s their page:

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