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The & Publishing Group news list is a one-way email (you cannot reply to it) which through which you will receive news regarding the Group and our publications. You will receive a maximum of 1d4 emails per month.

To join, enter your email address in the space below and click Join Our News List.

You will receive an email from & Magazine News (and-mag-news@and-mag.com), and you must click the link inside that email to confirm your subscription. That will open a new page that confirms your subscription.

Note: This list is a feature of our ISP, and while the list itself works fine, the sign-up process is NOT as user friendly as we’d like it to me. When you click Join Our News List the page reloads, but it does NOT tell you that it works (or not). We’re trying to figure this out.



The Unsubscribe function is equally unfriendly. It doesn’t say it succeeded, but if the email provided matches one in our list, it will be removed.

Interested in general D&D discussion? Subscribe to our email chat group by sending an email to and-chat-request@lists.and-mag.com with the word “subscribe” in the title or body of the email. A password one will be automatically generated for you and emailed.