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& is a reader supported project, and we love to hear from you. The following contact addresses will give you excellent ways to get your feelings and creations to us.

Webmaster and Site Problems

To reach our Webmaster or to report site problems, send an email to This is the best place to send info about problems with the site.


Send letters to the editor to We want to hear your feelings about articles, what you’d like to see us focus an issue on, and just about any other opinion regarding our magazine and the hobby in general.


Got something creative you want to submit to us? Send all submissions to We love to see articles, fiction in many different lengths ranging from 55 words to 7500, poetry, spells, NPC’s, shops, creatures, items both magical and non-magical, house rules, and adventure ideas ranging from adventure seeds to one page dungeons to full length adventures. (Please read our submission guidelines before submitting any work to us, and include a filled out publication contract with your submission as well)

Important Note: The & Publishing Group is a zero profit group. No one makes a dime from this endeavor. We are not a paying market. We do not sell our PDFs nor do we pay for submissions — this is free support for the D&D Community.

If, in the future, we sell printed copies of our material, the markup on items will be token and any funds received will be used to support the site and for promotional materials.


The address is for general information not covered above.


The & Publishing Group forum, hosted by, is another source for information. Anyone can read the posts, but you must register with OSRGaming for an account to publish posts.

We also have a chat mailing list. To subscribe, email to with the word “subscribe” in the title or body of the email. If you don’t specify a password one will be automatically generated for you.

To unsubscribe: Email to with the word “unsubscribe” in the title or body of the email. if the word is not followed by your password the subscribed account will get a confirmation email.

Advertising in & Magazine

The short answer: We do not publish advertising in the magazine.

Why? We are a zero revenue organization staffed 100% by volunteers. No one makes a penny from this endeavor (nor Euros nor yen nor anything). Our products are totally free, we currently accept no donations, and we do not pay for submissions. So we do not do paid advertising.

Why don’t we “trade” advertising with other similar magazines, where we publish their advertisement and they publish ours? It’s all about keeping our content focused 100% on D&D. This organizational decision was made on Day 1 and we have seen no reason to change it.

However … all is not lost!

What does the & Publishing Group do? We publish D&D articles!

If you have a D&D related article that fits our criteria, we will accept it. As can be seen in recent issues, we are quite happy to tell our readers about the author(s), including web site URLs and company logos. So email with your article, or to ask questions about articles.


Thanks for visiting us, and we hope we’re providing lots of interesting reading for you.