AD&D Die Roller, updated!

Here’s the latest version of the AD&D Die Roller!

Back in December 2017 I uploaded a copy of my Die Roller, an Excel workbook that automates a wide variety of dice rolling.

Goaded mercilessly by Goblin’s Henchman, I have implemented a number of updates to the original workbook. Most of the changes are not immediately visible as it’s things to make the worksheet harder to break.

One visible change is in the Character Roller 1 tab – I added a table of minimum stats for both AD&D classes and races, plus a table that cross-references the two. Please note that this function is not completely bullet proof — this workbook is designed with the DM in mind, so creating PCs was not part of the original design.

Click here to download the newest version of the AD&D Die Roller!

EDIT: The update has been updated. Goblin’s Henchman spotted a couple of minor things that I had not updated — omission has been corrected. I added a version number and update date on the the Introduction tab — if your version doesn’t have that, get the new one: Version 1.02, updated 16 March 2018.


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