The & Publishing Group is shutting down …

We have sad news — the & Publishing Group is shutting down operations. The forthcoming Issue 15 (Not Demons Nor Devils) will be our last issue of & Magazine.

Why are we shutting down?

Publishing a consistently high quality magazine takes a huge amount of time, enthusiasm, and drive. For most of our six year tenure, the enthusiasm and drive have been stellar, and we used that to make the time for our hobby.

But all good things come to an end. We realized that the overall team energy has been flagging for a while, so we decided it was time to shut things down gracefully.

Issue 15 will not be our final publication. We have a number of other items underway, and will complete them. We have been working on three compilation publications:

  • Magic Items of & Magazine, Issues 01-15
  • Monsters of & Magazine, Issues 01-15
  • Spells of & Magazine, Issues 01-15

These were intended to be compilations of Issues 01-12 … but with us ceasing publication, it makes sense to expand the scope of these documents. We are also finishing up:

  • Burrows Collaborative Adventure
  • Book of Mid-Level Lairs I
  • Book of Miscellaneous Spells II
  • Tome of Monsters
  • Ulan Dhor’s Book of Illusions

There’s no schedule on these, yet. Our current focus is to get Issue 15 out the door, then beat the others into shape.

Note: The &PG web site will remain for a number of years, along with the Wizardawn site. When the decision to take the site down occurs, we will make arrangements to host our publications elsewhere.

Stay tuned for updates …

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We are investigating the problem and expect to diagnose the problem. In the mean time, recent posts are listed in the sidebar to the right, and all content is available in the Blogs and Downloads menus.


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