GM Advice: How to Design a Campaign Primer

I was browsing a Facebook group I belong to and spotted the link for GM Advice: How to Design a Campaign Primer. Sounded interested so I navigated to it.

Surprisingly enough, it was interesting. Short, to the point, valid for pretty much ANY RPG game system. So I poked around a bit, to find out what Raging Swan Press is. On the About page they even had links for free materials! YAYYY!

Click the link … it’s Pathfinder. Bummer. SERIOUS bummer.

Nope, I don’t have anything against Pathfinder, I just don’t play it, so the materials are not of use to me. Oh, well, I’ll live with the disappointment.

However … Creighton Broadhurst (the author) has a number of blog posts about edition neutral stuff, so it’s worth browsing.


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