Feedback: “The Gaming Gourmet”, by Doug Rector in issue 9 – Spells and Spell Casters

Today we received the following feedback via email:

I have to admit, the article as well as the concept for “The Gaming Gourmet”, by Doug Rector in issue 9 – Spells and Spell Casters was both surprising to see and very very creative as a topic to bring into your magazine and I hope to see it come and go in future issues as well. I love articles suggesting ideas for preparing the mood / table / music / or environment for a successful game night. They are little gems in the rough. Suggestions to bring structure to a social time together with friends. After all, that is what this game has over so many other games. A social aspect, shared storytelling, laughs and giggles to bring friends together years beyond the actual table time (“Oh my! Remember when your dwarf took that spoon and stuck it into that fire to get it red hot right before he….”); come on! You don’t get that type of detailed memories from a computer MMO. So concentrate on the social, the environment every once in a while and remind yourselves that from the moment you congregate, you are building friendships and memories….and “breaking bread” together adds warm bellies to warm friendships.

— Daniel

Folks — it’s nice to get feedback — we don’t get a lot. It’s even nice to get positive feedback for our efforts. Thanks!


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