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& Magazine

Navigate to this page to find all issues of & Magazine, free for downloading!


& Adventures

In addition to the magazine, we publish some adventure modules, including a number of collaborative adventures. Currently available are:

  • &1 The Valley of Eternal Rest
  • &2 Rage from the Waves
  • &3 Book of Low Level Lairs Volume I


& Supplements

We also publish game supplements, which may include collections of new spells, items (mundane and magical), and monsters. Currently available are:

  • A Book of Miscellaneous Spells
  • Mundane Magica


Castle Triskelion

The & Publishing Group is hosting the Castle Triskelion mega-dungeon, a production of Timothy Stypinski.

As Tim posts new segments they will appear on this page. Stay tuned!


Unofficial Publications

In addition to our “official” publications, & Publishing Group members produce non-& material. We are a prolific bunch and this page has things that are not in the magazine, adventures, or supplements.


Our Latest Issue:

& Magazine Issue 13 cover

& Magazine #13 – Character Races – is published!

Character Races! After a year’s hiatus, we are pleased to announce the publication of & Magazine issue #13!!! Our dedication to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ (AD&D™) continues!  In this issue we feature: Character Races! Our featured articles are: Brown Elves – Player Character Race a surprising crossbreed Canaer a variant grey elf Aquatic Player Character […]

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