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Links to sites that readers might find interesting. Most are D&D, some might be tangents to D&D.

Rended Press – Old School Zines

A tremendous oversight in the listing of pages of D&D interest is the Rended Press – Old School Zines page! The author, Matthew Schmeer, is maintaining a very extensive list of magazines devoted to D&D and related games. This list includes links to active sites, and in some cases sites that archive other material. Some […]

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Gygax interview

I found a good interview with Gary Gygax. It’s long, I’m only part way through, but it’s detailed.  There is no date on the page, I’m going to contact the author to ask him to update it.

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Hereticwerks review of Issue 9

Hereticwerks published a fantastic review of Issue 9! {The review is VERY positive so of course we think it’s fantastic!] I had heard of this site before, but didn’t have time to investigate. Wow! LOT of stuff there. This page has a list of current and past gaming fanzines. This page has a list of […]

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