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Gygax interview

I found a good interview with Gary Gygax. It’s long, I’m only part way through, but it’s detailed.  There is no date on the page, I’m going to contact the author to ask him to update it.

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Minor update of the Introduction and Outer Ward Ground Level modules

Tim has made a few minor updates to the first two Castle Triskelion publications. Please note that if you already downloaded original versions, you do not need to download these versions. A few minor typos were fixed in the Introduction, including the hyperlink for Tim’s main blog. This probably doesn’t merit a new release, but […]

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Hereticwerks review of Issue 9

Hereticwerks published a fantastic review of Issue 9! {The review is VERY positive so of course we think it’s fantastic!] I had heard of this site before, but didn’t have time to investigate. Wow! LOT of stuff there. This page has a list of current and past gaming fanzines. This page has a list of […]

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Site speed sucks …

our site needs help We have been dealing with severe performance problems with the web site.  On a hunch I deactivated and uninstalled JetPack, which is a WordPress plugin that has a lot of cool features! But not enough to justify its existence.  🙁  So … we are looking for a WordPress administrator. Our web […]

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Castle Triskelion Introduction and Ground Level!

The first segment of the Castle Triskelion Mega-Dungeon has published! The Castle Triskelion is a sprawling multi-level castle/dungeon that has numerous levels above and below ground! This free supplement for Old School role-playing games is being published in segments. The first two segments are the Introduction and the Ground Level. Click these links to download […]

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