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& Magazine Issue 13 cover

& Magazine #13 – Character Races – is published!

Character Races! After a year’s hiatus, we are pleased to announce the publication of & Magazine issue #13!!! Our dedication to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ (AD&D™) continues!  In this issue we feature: Character Races! Our featured articles are: Brown Elves – Player Character Race a surprising crossbreed Canaer a variant grey elf Aquatic Player Character […]

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& Publishing Group is alive and well!

The collective & team has been off its game the past year, but we are getting back on track! We anticipate publishing Issue 13 in the next 4 to 6 weeks, and are focusing on resuming the quarterly magazine releases. In addition, we have other publications in the works that need to be finalized. No […]

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& News List

The & Publishing Group has created a News list for posting news regarding our publications. This email list is one-way (you cannot reply to it) and you will receive 1d4 emails per month. We hate it when we sign up for a “news” list and get garbage in our inbox every day, so we’re not […]

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& Publications Download Counts

The folks on the & team like to know the download counts during the first month or so after a publication. Ok, we publish D&D products for fun (look up the word “masochist”), but it’s exciting to know that others like what we produce! So the download counts are important. As of last night the […]

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Issue 12 three week download count!

The appetite for & Magazine is strong! In our first two weeks we had 2,966 downloads. This isn’t much of a surprise, we get heavy downloads the first few days of advertising — sometimes 500 on the second day. After the initial two weeks following publication things slow down a bit, but we still get […]

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Theme Change!

Funny … we just published Issue 12, has previews of the next two issues on the back cover. Except we decided to delay Not Demons Nor Devils. Why??? Material. A couple of the team had a conversation about breeding of creatures to produce special abilities, e..g, dwarves breed dogs that are compact, good tunnel fighers, […]

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Issue 12 – slight delay

Due to real life, Issue 12 is delayed. It’s most of the way through layout, and that will (hopefully) complete this week. Then it goes into final proofing, and hopefully out the door before the middle of September. Stay tuned!

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