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Wizardawn is back online!

The & Publishing Group is now hosting the Wizardawn site. Click here for more details.

Castle Triskelion!

The Castle Triskelion Outer Ward Second Level is published! Click here to read about the next level of this mega-dungeon! Moved

We moved the site between accounts within our service provider during the week of Feb 2-6, causing the site to be offline for about 24 hours. Diligent efforts by our webmaster John C got us up and running.

IF you spot any broken links or other problems, please email the webmaster -at- and let us know!

OSRgaming Hacked

We were informed recently that OSRgaming, the hosts our forum, were hacked. The OSRgaming crew quickly rebuilt the damaged forums and was back on-line. We at & did not realize that had changed the exact URL of our forum. However, we have realized the change and updated our site. If you have the old forum bookmarked, it is back up, but it is locked. Click the link the left menu to navigate to the new forum.

Book of Low Level Lairs Volume I

The Book of Low Level Lairs Volume I is published! Click here to read about this collection of 18 mini-adventures for parties of levels 1 to 4!



Hail and well met! In each free, theme-based issue of this old-school Advanced Dungeons and Dragons™ magazine, we aim to provide ideas, perspectives, entertainment, thought-provoking articles and game aids for both the player and the dungeon master. From fantasy fiction to original adventures to new spells and magic items to game theory—is aimed at delivering useful content primarily for the first edition of AD&D (though other early editions of the game are represented on occasion).

Why do we call it &Dungeon and Dragon Magazines provided an enormous wealth for the game we know and love, but they didn’t exhaust the possibilities. We’re looking to fill in the gaps in the original books by presenting additional viewpoints and angles, reflecting the very concept of the & character.

So we invite you to download our free issues and enjoy! And remember: We welcome submissions, so if you have an original article you’d like our readers to see, click on the Submissions tab above for guidelines.

Our Latest Issue:

cover issue 10

#10 – Shape Changers

Featured in this issue: Shape Changers! This issue includes Why “Solids” Don’t Understand Hey, Where Are My Pants? By the Light of the Silvery Moon Lycanthropy: A Small Matter Plus some bonus articles The Otherworld – The Faerie Realm Monster Lore Non-Weapon Proficiency Spells by Magic Type Playing with Missile Fire Is There Room for […]

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